Prevention is a key component of any treatments and a basis for wellbeing & healthy lifestyle.





  • Why is Postural Education important? It helps to understand, treat and prevent any musculoskeletal complaints. Who can be considered? Any ages can be considered  Any patients who: have musculoskeletal disorders with or without pain want to prevent any musculoskeletal disorders have postural or biomechanical disorders with or without pain

  • We use the Global Active Stretching method (SGA) to help you to prevent sport injuries and improve your performance. We want to use one of the best techniques to achieve the best for you. We treat you with the same method as many Sport Teams in the world, such as the National Volleyball Team in Brazil or the Real Madrid Soccer Team in Spain. What is Global Active Stretching method (SGA) ? Global Active Stretching originates from the RPG method and follows the same principles. This method consists of a series of stretching exercises based on specific, controlled and progressive postures…

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