The Real Madrid Team Using Stretching Global Actif Brazil olympic volleyball team using Stretching Global Actif
The Real Madrid Team Using Stretching Global Actif  Brazil olympic volleyball team using SGA


We use the Global Postural Re-education method (GPR or RPG) to treat sport injuries.

If you don't have pain or injury, the Global Active Stretching method (SGA) can help you to improve your sport performance and prevent future injuries. 

SGA method is used by many Sport Teams in the world, such as the National Volleyball Team in Brazil or the Real Madrid Soccer Team in Spain.

What is Global Active Stretching method (SGA)?

Global Active Stretching originates from the RPG method and follows the same principles. This method consists of a series of stretching exercises based on specific, controlled and progressive postures with the goal of promoting improved soft tissue flexibility and consequently a better range of movement.

Using the SGA method, you can increase your flexibility on the whole muscle chains related to your specific needs. All the joints involved within the treated muscle chains can move more easily, faster and with less effort.

With a detailed assessment, we will help you identify which muscle chains you need to work on and which to prioritise according to your posture, your way of moving and the specific performance that you would like to achieve. Katia who is RPG/SGA trained physiotherapist, will also teach you how to continue the tailored SGA program independently.

What are the advantages of using SGA method? 

  • Improved sport performance
  • Prevention of sport injuries 
  • Better flexibility and range of movement
  • Ability to move easily, faster and with less effort
  • Tailored program: SGA method considers your body particularities and compensations, personal morphology and individual history of muscular retractions
  • Better posture and body awareness when performing sport gestures
  • Prevention of work related injuries 
  • Home maintenance exercise program

Who can use SGA?

At Be well Physiotherapy we can help you if you:

  • are the sporty type wanting to improve your performance, whatever your sports (cycling, dancing, golf, cricket, tennis, football, soccer, swimming, netball...)
  • just want to maintain a good physical condition for your daily activities whatever your age

Why does SGA help with improving performance?

SGA does not apply basic stretching, but this method considers the whole body and muscle physiology (static/dynamic).

All our muscles are connected (physical and neurological) which is represented by the "motor coordination chains" principles from the RPG method. Some of our muscles (static muscles) are mainly used for our basic functions as human beings (like standing against gravity). Other muscles are mainly used when performing a movement (dynamic muscles).

Muscles become shorter after exercise.

To maintain movements and performance people tend to compensate loss of length by using other body parts inappropriately. It is performed in a way that doesn't follow body biomechanics. As a result, it is less effective and detrimental in long-term. People tend to use more energy (more effort to move) due to increased resistance for the accomplishment of a specific sport gesture.

The main consequences of muscle shortening are injuries and loss of performance.

SGA method can help you with muscle length and related consequences.

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