Information related to your present complaint from your GP, medical specialist or other health professionals will contributes to help our team to provide you the most appropriate treatment.

What medical information to bring?

  • GP details
  • Medical specialist details
  • Referrals
  • Medical reports
  • Medical imaging: Xrays, CT, ultrasound, MRI scans
  • List of current medications
  • Information related to any allergies (latex, skin cream, medical product…)
  • Information related to any skin conditions
  • EPC/GP Management Plan documents


What to bring to complete the payment of my Physiotherapy session?

  • Private health fund card (only if you have a private health extras cover)
  • Cash, debit card or credit card
  • DVA card (only for DVA member)
  • Medicare card + debit card (only for GP Management Plan)
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